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Burson Trade Shows 2021


AutoTest Burson Trade Show events

Last month the Sales and Management team set off on the road to showcase the new and the long-standing products at the Burson Trade Shows. With between 20-40 businesses represented at each show, it was great to be amongst some of the most well know Automotive brands sold in Australia.

Did you know

Burson Auto Parts has been an authorised distributor of AutoTest products since 1995! Our original AutoStop Maxi brake meter, then named VBT101, was developed and released 2 years earlier in 1993. Along with distributors in New Zealand and the United States, Burson was our first major Australian Distributor.

Over 25 years on, we are proud to still have a strong partnership with all of our distributors like Burson.


There’s nothing like meeting our customers face-to-face. We enjoyed to hear what customers love about our testers, and to show them how to use our newer products, while enjoying a cold bevie as well!

It wouldn’t be a Burson Trade Show without giveaways and specials. We offered a couple of our latest hands free light transmission meters, AutoLight MAGNETIC, as well as one of our new product trolleys! All won and given to very happy Burson customers.

A big “well done” to Burson for putting on fantastic events, and all before Victoria went into further covid lockdowns was very luck too.

Get AutoTest products across Australia

If our manufacturing and distributor location in Kensington Victoria is not assessable to you, make sure to call into your local Burson store and ask about AutoTest products. Burson operates two distribution centres and has over 190 Auto Parts stores, which means you can check out our products right across Australia in any of these stores. Get to know your local Burson store, and order your product directly through them for easy in-store collection, as well as great customer service.

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