Automotive Industry

Volumetric Flow Detectors FP-5000 series
Fuel Flow Detector FP-213S FP-2140S
On- Board Volumetric Flow Detector FP-4135
Fuel Density Meter FD-5110
Massflow Meter FZ-2200A
Mass-burette Flow Detector FX-1100 series
Digital Flow Meter FM-3100
On-Board Flow Meter DF-2200
High-precision Fuel Flow Measurement System
Mass Flow Rate Detection System
On-Board Flow Detectors MF-3200
Automatic Air Purging Tank MF-015
Analog Engine Tachometer AR-7240B
Digital Engine Tachometer CT-6700
Gasline Engine Tachometer SE-1620
Diesel Engine / Motor Tachometer GE-2500
Engine Vibration Detector VP-201/202/1210/1220
Gasoline Engine RPM Detector OM-1500/1200
Ignition Pulse Detector IP-292/296
Ignition Pulse Detector IP-3000A
Ignition Pulse Detector IP-3100
Cigarette Lighter Socket Sensor FT-0801
Handheld Gasoline Engine Tachometer SE-2500A
Handheld Digital Tachometer HT-6200
Advanced Handheld Tachometer FT-7200
Handheld Diesel Engine Tachometer GE-1400
Crank Angle Detector CP-5110B/CA-6000B
Crank Angle Detector CP-5730/0610/CA-6000B
Crank Angle Detector PP/PA series

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