AutoTest® Trailer Socket Tester

AutoTest® Trailer Socket Tester

The AutoTest Euro Trailer Socket Tester is a 7-pin trailer socket wiring tester. Relaying the signal from pins 1–7 to a handheld display unit. The AutoTest Trailer Socket Tester has a self-check confirmation facility and is capable of connecting to a standard European 13 pin socket – this adapter can be included upon request.

4 Easy Testing Steps with the AutoTest Trailer Socket Tester

Insert the 7pin plug (or 13pin adapter) into the Trailer socket at the rear of the vehicle.

Holding the handset return to the vehicle driver’s seat.

Ensuring the vehicle is in a stationary position, with the gears in neutral and the hand brake on. Turn on ignition.

Without touching the self-test button, by activating the relevant control (for example the tail lamp) the corresponding lamp on the test device will illuminate, giving a positive indication of the continuity of the output. This should be repeated for all six controls. If one or more lights fail to illuminate this indicates a fault with the continuity of output from one or more of the pins.

  • Easy to use
  • Portable handheld Trailer Socket Tester
  • Approved in the UK by DVSA for MOT testing of vehicle types 3, 4, 5, & 7
  • Simple 4 steps operation
  • Suitable for 12-volt systems only
  • 2x AA batteries
  • European 13pin adapter option

Car and Truck 13 and 7 Pin plugs 12v systems only

No Upgrades

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AutoTest Trailer Socket Tester Flyer
Trailer Socket Tester User Manual

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