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Industry Update – QLD Legislation changing


The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) QLD is updating a requirement for brake testing and light transmission testing for window tinting.

What are the changes to Brake Testing?

As of September 2021 it will be mandatory for Approved Examiners to keep a copy of the brake test results, including GPS location, time and date, when undertaking LV, HV and MC inspection types.

To make sure you are compliant, purchase our AutoStop Maxi® brake meter with the upgrade that includes GPS location. If you already have our standard AutoStop Maxi® brake meter, you may be able to upgrade to have GPS!

Some of the older brake testers may not be able to, so call our friendly service team to see if yours can be upgraded.

What are the changes to Window Tint Testing?

These changes will effect Light Vehicles (LV). TMR will no longer accept the Tint Card testing method.

Our AutoLight® window tint tester meets all of the requirements for a light transmission test. The AutoLight® needs to be calibrated every two years, which is also a requirement of TMR compliancy.

Our new AutoLight® MAGNETIC has magnets so you can test hands free! Making it possible for a single operator to take a photo of the results without dropping the AutoLight®.

This change will be implemented on 1 July 2021.

Further information on both of these changes, see the full communication of QLD Legislation changing from Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD.

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