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Celebrate AutoTest’s 21st Birthday with us!

AutoStop Mini History
We are really showing our age here with the AutoStop Mini shown back in it’s infancy!

We’re 21!

We are proud to celebrate this month, as we recognise the day we founded the AutoTest company name! We have dug through the archives to find photos of our products before the AutoTest name was even brought to life.

In February 1983 the decision to develop a Third Edition of the Australian Design Rules (ADR) was made at the 63rd meeting of the Australian Transport Advisory Council (ATAC). We worked with the government in many areas, particularly braking. These were the humble beginnings to the business that would become AutoTest on 1st July 2000.

AutoTest has been on the forefront of innovation and safety in Australia, and across the world. Please take a trip back in time with us to see how we have evolved to who we are today!

See our historic timeline, and more fantastic photos from the 90s!

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