AutoTest® Five Gas Analyser & Opacity Meter

AutoTest® Five Gas Analyser & Opacity Meter


Look no further than AutoTest for all your gas emission solutions.

AutoTest’s combined Five Portable Gas Analyser® and Opacity Meter® are user friendly analysis tools designed to improve how the gas efficiency of a vehicle is measured.

Distributed throughout Australia, AutoTest’s Five Portable Gas Analyser® and Opacity Meter® is suitable for both light and heavy vehicles.

Battery operated, they measure the contents of the exhaust gas and lets you know how efficient a vehicle is at reducing the amount of pollutant gases being released into the atmosphere.

The combined device includes a built-in wireless connection between the Five Portable Gas Analyser® and the Opacity Meter®. Smoke tests can be carried out using a PC connected to Gas Analyser, which enables you to easily read measurement data on the screen.

Even though the new product itself is simple, it comes with all the required probes, leads and a wireless OBD interface as standard equipment.

Benefits of AutoTest’s Gas Analyser & Opacity Meter:

  • Suitable for Petrol, LPG and CNG engines
  • Capable of measuring CO, HC, CO2, O2 and NOx 
  • Uses AutoTest’s printer and IrDA Printer Paper Pack
  • A comprehensive vehicle emissions testing solution.
  • Complies with the OIML R99 (ISO 3930) Class 0 specification
  • Distributed through leading distributors, including Bursons, Triple Torque, Collery Deisler and Autoequip Australia

AutoTest’s Five Portable Gas Analyser® and Opacity Meter® are designed to respond to the growing needs of various systems and networking in the garage business, aimed at improving work efficiencies and level of service provided to car users.

The Gas Analyser and Opacity Meters are part of a large product range of approved equipment offered by AutoTest.

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From humble beginnings in 1983 we have been working with governments in many areas of vehicle safety.

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